Thursday, 13 July 2017

Have faith

I think the scariest thing in life is to be so unsure about how things are going to go, that we live in fear throughout the waiting period of what will be instead of enjoying and being grateful for what is, which will soon turn into what was.

Never settle in life for anything that is not what you deserve and need. Sometimes we want something, thinking its what we should have, but just because we want it, it does not mean we need it. Respect yourself enough to back away from a situation that brings unfamiliarity and a sense of doubt, allow God to work his miracles, and pray that if it is good for you, that He brings it closer, but that if it is bad, that He takes it as far away from you as possible. Nevertheless, until it happens, have faith in the unknown, because God loves you and wants the very best for you, trust in Him. 

Sunday, 30 October 2016


Its crazy how much you can really care about someone, set limits to that so you dont hurt them, and then wish you can go back on your feelings.  It's funny how we set limits, so that he or she doesn't fall for us, but we end up falling for them, and we end up getting hurt when we pushed them away to begin with. So what now? How do you keep being friends, without feeling hurt, without feeling like your heart is going to burst. All this because you pushed them away for being scared that they would fall for you, and the minute they fall, you realized you fell just as quickly, if not sooner. If only you knew how much I really cared. If you knew I wish I could take it all back and tell you that I feel the same way about you ...

Friday, 3 July 2015


I heard my mom once tell me: Love yourself first darling, and the rest will follow...

If you really like someone let them go ... wait stop. NO. Heres the deal, love now thats a big word. What does it really mean to love someone? And can we really love someone when we don't love ourselves completely. If you're out there thinking I just wish I could make him fall in love with me, or  I just wish I can make her fall in love with me. STOP.
#1: Ask yourself: "Do I love myself, in and out, and in between?!"
If you answer no to the first question, then ask yourself this:
#1b: "How do I expect someone to fall in love with me, if I don't love myself from A to Z?"
Some people are going to try and tell you that you can never fully love yourself, or that having that special someone in your life, can teach you to love yourself. AGAIN STOP. You bake the cake first then eat it.
#2: Ask yourself why it should matter so much if that person does indeed like you, or is attracted to you. We often bring ourselves down by making someone so important, when in reality, while yes they may be important, we are just as IMPORTANT if not more important considering self love reigns.
And no not self love in the conceited way, but to love each part of you, from the inside out, and to realize your potential and WORTH.
#3: If that person doesn't give you the moment of day, two words: SCREW THEM. HAHA Just kidding, WHO CARES!
If someone can't realize how special you are, if they can't see your worth and value, then guess what THEYRE NOT WORTH YOUR TIME. There not even worth a single thought in that lovely head of yours.
But then again, you'll start making excuses for them, and think, but I really love them, or I really care about them, well GUESS WHAT, it seems like a one person effort here. If its not reciprocal, YOU ARE WAISTING YOUR PRECIOUS TIME AND ENERGY.
#4: The greatest love that exists is to love yourself, and once you do, you will realize that nothing else matters, and maybe JUST MAYBE then, you're prince charming or princess diary will pass your way,

AND please remember not to be desperate, don't chase anyone. Realize how special you are and open your eyes to see that when you chase after someone, they're most likely to run away from you. BREATHE, there are plenty of fish in the sea, and yes we've heard this  BILLION TIMES, but think about it this way, if we all believed it the first time, we wouldn't be so darn hard on ourselves, thinking the worst and expecting love from others, when the most important thing is to love yourself!

Just remember:
#1: Do not despair
#2: Realize your worth and value
#3: Love yourself inside and out
#4: Have faith

Saturday, 31 January 2015

A little reminder

As this day is coming to it's end, I share with you a little something to keep in mind: Everyday as a student we find ourselves facing two options when it comes to dealing with stress : the first is to complain and feel sorry for ourselves and ask "why me?!", the second is to take that stress and turn it into motivation. 
We are so lucky to even be able to experience such a feeling. Imagine this : we actually get to stress over something as great as our education, while at the same time, there's someone in the hospital right now who is stressing over having to go through another day of chemo, while a homeless man will spend the day stressing to find a place tonight to sleep in this cold weather, while some mother is working three jobs plus overtime and stressing that she won't be able to pay rent this month and will barely be able to put food on the table, while some child in Africa is stressing on how he's going to survive another day without food and clean water to drink, while some child in a Syrian refugee camp is stressing about what clothe he's going to wrap his tiny hungry and bony body with, as winter approaches, while some child in Iraq is stressing about having to live under the occupation of monsters who are killing from left to right in vain, while another child in Gaza is stressing about living another day under the siege, and we, yes that's you and I, are stressing over school ... Hey well at least we have the privilege of going to school right?
So next time you're feeling stressed, feel blessed instead.
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

There is always a way out

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the day one of highschool friends tried to attempt suicide, but gratefully did not.

In 10th grade my best friend at the time, called me one night telling me that she was contemplating to commit suicide. She said she had had enouph and was tired of living her life. When I heard those words I started crying while speaking on the phone with her. I remember calling my mom to come, and we spent the whole night trying to convince her that there was a better way out, that she didnt have to take her life, and that we loved and cared about her. It wasnt easy but we were finally able to help her realize that she didnt have to act on her impulse. You see, I was just hanging out with her a couple of days previous to that, she was always smiling and laughing, no sign of being unhappy. But thats just it, some people like to bottle things up and hide their feelings from everyone. Some people arent' able to cope so openly like others. Some people will pretend like everything is okay, when in reality it is not. Please I beg each and everyone of you that if you see someone feeling down, help them. Approach people who seem like they aren't doing okay, or are alone. If someone reaches to you for help, offer your help, and if you dont think you can, see if someone else will. Highschool starts for most students in another two or three weeks, I really dont want to put on the news and hear of another kid who committed suicide because they were targetted everyday, and bullied for looking a certain way, I dont want to put on the news, and see how a teenage girl committed suicide after some bullies pretended to be her friend just so they can spread nasty rumours about her. Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, your act or gesture can help save the life of someone. I bet you right now some kid is sitting at home dreading the first day of school thinking he or she will not be accepted in the eyes of their peers. Let them know that they are not alone, help them be brave. Stand up/ Speak up, dont stay silent, silence can kill.


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Be in control

When you wake up in the morning counting your blessings, feeling happy as if your like on cloud 9, its beautiful outside, the birds are chirping, the clouds are all fluffy, the sun is smiling down on you and blinding you all at the same time, then suddenly you encounter this one person, who is having a really bad day and who just wants to blow off all this steam right in your face. It's like: "Hey I'm having a bad day, and you should too!!" Those kind of people used to frustrate me. But over the years, and with much experience gained, I've learned to take a step back and remain calm. We never know what people are going through in their lives, therefore we musn't assume that we are all riding the same boat. Sometimes we just simply need to smile and let things run smoothly. Don't overreact, its pointless you will add more steam and cause more frustration for your ownself. We never know if that person is undergoing a sickness, have a recent passing in their family, or is simply overcoming a rough patch. We simply don't know and hey it doesn't give them the excuse to blow up in your face, but it gives you every reason to show them what kind of a person you are by remaining calm and guided.

Its not worth getting upset, or angry. These people are doing it because they do not know better, forgive them, and carry on with your positive vibes, fight them with POSITIVITY.

"He who angers you, controls you." Imam Ali (AS)

In the meantime, have faith.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

 I picked up this book called “ Don’t sweat the small stuff.” You see no matter how small our “problems” are, we tend make a whole lot out of them. Whether someone spoke wrongly of us (mind you they are only hurting themselves), or we missed the bus in the morning (YES IT HAPPENS!), or we just had a fight with our dear friend/s (WHY ARE THEY BEING SO STUBBURN!), we make it seem like it’s the end of the world (NO IT IS'NT). We will make a fit and spend the whole day thinking over and over and over about why this happened to us, why life is unfair,  pity, pity and MORE PITY. By focusing on the more important things our energy shifts and we learn to focus on the things that truly matter.

Make 70 excuses for your believing brothers and sisters before you judge them.” - Imam Ali (AS)

Let go of the little stuff to make room for the important stuff. Time mends or breaks things, its not your job, let time do what it has got to do, be patient, because patience is rewarding.

 In the meantime, have faith.