Thursday, 5 January 2012

Letting go...

Why are we so afraid of letting go of people, letting go of old habits, of old memories, of things that hurt us, and especially people that hurt us. Why is it so easy to become attached to someone and yet it is so hard to let go of that person. The only answer is because were human. But even that is no excuse for letting fear take over our lives. Fear of letting go, fear of forgetting, fear of moving on, fear of taking risks in life, risks of doing bigger things for yourself, fear of living. When in the end the only thing one must fear is God and no other. Make the choice to live, to enjoy living, to let go of the things that aren't letting you move on, things that are making you live in fear and are stopping you from living your life in happiness. All this negativity people have brought into your life is simply because you have let them in it, is a choice you and only you can make, no one can force you, and no one can bring you down with out your permission. Just as easy it was for you to let them in your life and all this negativity that came with them, it is just as easy for you to make the choice of letting go and turning to a more positive and graceful life. It's never too late to live, to turn a new page, start a new beginning, let go and move on. Fear is a prison, and you have the key to be free. Amen 

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