Monday, 15 October 2012


As he said those three words, I pretended not to hear
Just because he said it, does not mean it made it real
My mom used to always tell me, have faith over fear
She said “Don’t think with your heart, because heartaches don’t heal”
She said “Never focus on your heart, never pay attention to what you feel”
Sometimes your hearts gets the best of you, but remember what you may feel, may not always be real
She constantly reminded me that “Action speaks louder than words, and that’s the real deal.”
She warned me that my heart is not to be played with & that when it comes to men, it should be as hard as steel
So that no one can break it, and so that it is not so easy to reel
She said “The key to your heart, should not be so easy to steal”
She said “The man that will love you will be head over heels”.
No need to play desperate,  just be yourself and be real
But don’t be so fooled, your idea of love may not be ideal
It will take patience, only time will reveal
If you try and force things to happen, it will appear all surreal