Monday, 4 February 2013


Get over the fact that sometimes you are just someone's interest because they are bored. So they got nothing better to do with their time than to play with your emotions. One second your thinking to yourself; that person is really interested in me, and than the next second your doubting it. "Never assume that someone likes you by their sweetness, sometimes you are just an option when they're bored." - anonymous 

Don't settle as an option, as a backup, because the minute she/he's back in the picture your out of it. So warn yourself before your heart gets broken. Love for some is a game, an opportunity to toy with your emotions, to draw you close and the minute you have your back turned, the string is cut. Goodbye. 

Don't let your heart get the best of you, because when it comes to love, your heart needs direction; and that's when your reasoning plays it's role. Same way you need a designated driver when your not mentally and possibly physically aware of your present situation, the same way your heart needs a designated driver, your reasoning, when your blindsided by your emotions. Remember, you may just be in love with the idea of having the attention in which someone makes you feel special, liked, loved. But that doesn't make it real. 

Have faith, your beautiful, your smart, intelligent, confident, brilliant, passionate, perseverant, determined creative, educated, don't you dare sell your self short. Don't chase, expect to be chased. Desperate isn't a pretty look on anyone. Be confident; carry yourself like a Queen and you will attract your King.

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