Monday, 14 July 2014

Road blocks

To all the girls out there:

"I think that you should follow what your gut is telling you, mind over heart. ALWAYS. In the end when you deserve better, go for better, but sometimes we have to put everything aside and look at whether or not we see a future with someone. It's not always easy to be patient and wait, but time tends to mend or break things, sometimes we just have to let things be as they are. "

Waiting hurts, and what hurts even more is feeling lost and confused about how you are feeling about a certain someone. But thats just it, when it hurts it means its not good for you, it means take your distance. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about taking risks especially if you're heart is in it, but just be carefull. Don't jump in heart first, jump in mind first. See where the path leads you, but stay conscious and be aware, there may be a few bumps, and rough edges, at times there may even be road blocks, and unexpected ends, but only you can make the right turn, take the right shift to where you wish to go.

Have faith. Don't lose hope.

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