Monday, 14 July 2014

We are human

Often, it’s not about running away from our feelings, but actually taking the time to listen to them. We don’t like to listen, people talk to us, and we are busy thinking of what we are going to say next.
Life is a test, so pick yourself up, get yourself together; look yourself in the mirror and say “ I deserve to be happy, I am beautiful, smart, intelligent, I am a human with emotions and before expecting others to love me, I want to love myself.”

Loving yourself is the key to the emotional jail we lock ourselves in. To allow yourself to love yourself is far more important than having someone love you. “We are responsible for our own happiness, be the reason why you smile, be the source of your happy.”- Amani

Have faith, there are far better things in life than what we are living now, it’s just a matter of believing in greater things and allowing yourself to rejuvenate in love.

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