Tuesday, 15 July 2014

You don't need to be in love to feel loved

We often associate the feeling of love with another individual. Now don't get me wrong, when I think of love the first thing that comes to mind is my family. I often wish I could say the same about my friends, but that’s a whole other story. But most people these day associate love with having a partner, being in a relationship. That kind of love is a beautiful thing, but what I'm trying to say, is that for those who are single, and aren't in a relationship, know that love exists in all crazy sizes and shapes. The most important kind of love in my opinion is the love you have for yourself. What does it feel like to love yourself? Waking up every morning looking in the mirror and telling yourself how beautiful you are. For instance, I love working out, I love taking care of my body, whether its spending the afternoon at the gym, or running 5K every second day, for me taking care of my body is loving myself. There is no guidebook on how to love yourself and quite frankly, I think its one of the hardest things to accomplish. We always try and find faults in ourselves; we always want others to justify what we already know. We search for compliments by everyone and anywhere and of all sorts.

You see, I have this poster hanging in my room for a couple of years now, and the title right in the middle is "What is love", and on the poster there are definitions of love everywhere by all sorts of historians and great men and woman who have died thinking they fully understood what the true essence of love is. But that's just it, we will never fully understand the true meaning of "love". Right in the corner of the poster there is a free space for me to write down what I define as "love." Its blank. I left it blank. Love is growing up with a dad who worked three jobs from sun up to sun down for years in order to provide for his family. Love is having a mother who believes in me unconditionally and who never ever underestimated my will power. Love is my parents (...) Love is praying five times a day to reach a higher purpose, love is my religion. (...)

I know how to love someone ( I’m not limiting this sentence to the partner definition). I know how to care about another, how to be there for them in all their times of need. I know how to listen, I know how to council, and give advice, I know how to call someone when they least expect it just to ask about them, I know how to be there for anyone and everyone when they need someone just for the sake of being there, I know how to hold on to someone when they are crying for hours without the need to talk. I’m the type of person who will drop everything Im doing to help another person. I’m the type of person who will be there for you unconditionally, even if we are in a fight, I’m the type of person who will lift your spirit up when you are down, I’m the type of person who will strike a conversation with a stranger in the bus who is crying and contemplating ending his life (and yes it happened this semester). I will never leave someone on their own in their time of need. I know how to love (…) The only thing is that I'm still on the journey of  fully loving myself. But hey!, I'm human afterall, and I know I'm on the right path, and heck I probably understand what it means to love myself more than anyone out there, but have I fully accomplished it? Nope not yet, but that's just it,  life is a journey, and each day I am working toward fufilling that accomplishment.

Until then, I have faith.

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