Wednesday, 20 August 2014

There is always a way out

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the day one of highschool friends tried to attempt suicide, but gratefully did not.

In 10th grade my best friend at the time, called me one night telling me that she was contemplating to commit suicide. She said she had had enouph and was tired of living her life. When I heard those words I started crying while speaking on the phone with her. I remember calling my mom to come, and we spent the whole night trying to convince her that there was a better way out, that she didnt have to take her life, and that we loved and cared about her. It wasnt easy but we were finally able to help her realize that she didnt have to act on her impulse. You see, I was just hanging out with her a couple of days previous to that, she was always smiling and laughing, no sign of being unhappy. But thats just it, some people like to bottle things up and hide their feelings from everyone. Some people arent' able to cope so openly like others. Some people will pretend like everything is okay, when in reality it is not. Please I beg each and everyone of you that if you see someone feeling down, help them. Approach people who seem like they aren't doing okay, or are alone. If someone reaches to you for help, offer your help, and if you dont think you can, see if someone else will. Highschool starts for most students in another two or three weeks, I really dont want to put on the news and hear of another kid who committed suicide because they were targetted everyday, and bullied for looking a certain way, I dont want to put on the news, and see how a teenage girl committed suicide after some bullies pretended to be her friend just so they can spread nasty rumours about her. Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, your act or gesture can help save the life of someone. I bet you right now some kid is sitting at home dreading the first day of school thinking he or she will not be accepted in the eyes of their peers. Let them know that they are not alone, help them be brave. Stand up/ Speak up, dont stay silent, silence can kill.