Saturday, 31 January 2015

A little reminder

As this day is coming to it's end, I share with you a little something to keep in mind: Everyday as a student we find ourselves facing two options when it comes to dealing with stress : the first is to complain and feel sorry for ourselves and ask "why me?!", the second is to take that stress and turn it into motivation. 
We are so lucky to even be able to experience such a feeling. Imagine this : we actually get to stress over something as great as our education, while at the same time, there's someone in the hospital right now who is stressing over having to go through another day of chemo, while a homeless man will spend the day stressing to find a place tonight to sleep in this cold weather, while some mother is working three jobs plus overtime and stressing that she won't be able to pay rent this month and will barely be able to put food on the table, while some child in Africa is stressing on how he's going to survive another day without food and clean water to drink, while some child in a Syrian refugee camp is stressing about what clothe he's going to wrap his tiny hungry and bony body with, as winter approaches, while some child in Iraq is stressing about having to live under the occupation of monsters who are killing from left to right in vain, while another child in Gaza is stressing about living another day under the siege, and we, yes that's you and I, are stressing over school ... Hey well at least we have the privilege of going to school right?
So next time you're feeling stressed, feel blessed instead.
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